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Discover the beauty of the journery of life by exploring unknown paths and embracing new experiences bringing richness to every sense.

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We offer you a wide selection of excursions in the area. Unique in their kind, they will allow you to understand the true local traditions.

From trekking along panoramic paths, to enchanted roads in the woods. From the flavors of traditional foods to the colours of the antique houses.

We want you to be swept up in a whirlwind of emotions that you will always remember.


By land

From Perda Longa to Chia / Swim & trekking

There are endless possibilities for trekking but what we offer you is a slow and concious experiance. Let yourself be guided along paths that smell of mastic, euphorbia, lavender, broom and helichrysum. Together we will travel along an ancient Roman road characterised by granite cliffs covered by the immense Mediterranean scrub that drops sheer down onto a clear blue sea. Let yourself be amazed by the extraordinary, unspoiled nature that characterises this path of authentic beauty. Dozens of shades of green and blu will accompany you throughout your experience. We will walk along the coast in a succession of coves, dream beaches with crystal clear water and white sand. We will admire unique panoramas that will leave you speachless. During the journey there will be stops where you can dive into the crystal clear water that characterises this authetic corner of paradise.

From the Tower of Chia to the Monte di sa Guardia Manna / Swim & trekking

If you love nature then this is the experiance for you. A trek that starts from the wonderful archaelogical area of Chia and ends near the Spartivento Lighthouse. We would walk at a slow and concious pace along wild strips of sand kissed by the sun and caressed by the wind. If we are lucky we will find the famous flamingos, the real protagonists of these beaches, in their natural habitat and we will admire the enchanting flora that characterises this territory of endless beauty. A path where nature and history intertwine and awaken your senses. You will see unique panoramas that will leave you speechless. During the journey there will be stops where you can dive into the crystal clear water that characterises this authetic corner of paradise.

Hiking & Yoga at sunset

Live in the moment by walking through the wild paths, wrapped in the scents and colors of the Mediterranean scrub. Breathe in the uncontaminated air of a place of enchanting beauty wrapped in the scents of the sea and the colors of the earth. If you love meditation and contact with authentic nature, don’t miss this opportunity for relaxation and regeneration. A slow and conscious experience along the most beautiful beaches of Chia, rocky promontories, ancient junipers, dunes and beaches of very white sand, immersed in a nature that has remained almost intact. Breathe and rediscover, with simple yoga and mindfulness practices, the true sense of travel and reconnect with your true essence.

Detox Experience

Imagine immersing yourself in the greenery of a natural oasis with calm and tranquillity. Free your mind and let yourself be accompanied safely and professionally to discover places of enchanting beauty just a few kilometers from Pula. A unique experience to discover and experience our territory.
Live in the present, away from stress and frenetic daily rhythms.
Together, at a slow and conscious pace, we will walk along an easy path wrapped in the colours, scents and sounds of a unique and unexpected place. Breathing deeply, we would sharpen our senses through small relaxing Yoga and Mindfulness practices in the silence of an enchanted place. An unmissable experience to reconnect with nature and regenerate yourself step by step.

Family trekking

Holidays with the family are an opportunity to spend days outdoors, breaking away from an increasingly hectic daily routine and growing together. Organizing a family trek requires careful research of the right routes and the safest approach, and precisely because I am a mother of 3 children, I have created a special route to walk even with the little ones in a fun and safe way. An experience full of fun, exploration and adventure that will be enriched by information and stories about the local fauna and flora. We will discover together an uncontaminated territory where nature will leave you speechless. A trek for those families who love the outdoors and who want to share with their children all that nature has to offer.

The treasures of Nora

Find the essence of your trip by admiring the wonders of Nora, an enchanting corner of the southern coast of Sardinia, famous for its beaches and for a Phoenician/Roman archaeological area among the most important and well-preserved in the Mediterranean. We will dive into history admiring and visiting the ancient city and then let ourselves be surprised by the charm of its lagoon. It will be a unique opportunity for birdwatchers, given the presence of a rich coastal birdlife, and for a walk where we will learn to recognize, step by step, the scented essences of the Mediterranean scrub present. Our journey ends with a visit to the Cetacean and sea turtle recovery center which, since 1993, has been in charge of welcoming.

Dreamlike views - the lagoon of Nora

A short distance from the center of Pula, located on the hill of Santa Vittoria, an anti-naval military post dating back to the Second World War has been made usable and can be visited. After a pleasant walk you can admire enchanting landscapes that go from the long coast of its seabed to the intense green of its peaks. We will then let ourselves be enchanted by the spectacular landscape of the Nora lagoon, an authentic naturalistic pearl of the area thanks to the presence of numerous species of birds. We will let ourselves be carried away gently in a canoe on the calm waters of the lagoon between the inlets, the islets and the mouth of the river to admire the flight of the herons and the silhouettes of the fish that will swim alongside us. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity for a day of discovery, wild nature and fun.

Cagliari, the city of flamingos / Urban hiking

Choose this experience that will allow you to experience an authentic day exploring the most evocative corners of the city of Cagliari, a treasure trove of archaeological, naturalistic and gastronomic beauty.


Discover the pristine nature of our beaches with a horse ride.


If you love golf nearby you can take advantage of the prestigious courses of Is Molas.

Walk, Eat, Enjoy

Let yourself be guided along pristine and wild paths that smell of authentic Mediterranean scrub. Immerse yourself in nature and discover the authentic flavors of Sardinian gastronomy. The experience I have created is suitable for an audience that wants to combine the right trekking at a slow pace with the discovery of true Sardinian cuisine in a place of spectacular beauty. A nature trail designed to breathe deeply the uncontaminated air of this oasis of peace. After a pleasant walk we will arrive at the farmhouse where the aromas and flavors of authentic Sardinian cuisine will amaze you. Immerse yourself in the authentic flavors of the gastronomic tradition by rediscovering the flavors of the area in a unique way. Actively participate in the preparation of a typical lunch, you will be able to prepare, roll out the fresh pasta and close the famous Sardinian ravioli “Is Culurgiones” with the help of the tireless expert hands of Nonna Maria. After a short visit to discover the spectacular corners of the house, a treasure trove of stories and traditions of rare beauty, we will taste the delicacies of the area together.

San Sperate between street art e musical nights

Let yourself be enchanted by the melodies of the sound path of the Giardino della Musica by the famous Sardinian artist Pinuccio Sciola. A real musical garden in which you will feel enveloped by the beauty of his sculptures and by the musical notes coming from his stone works. Far from the stress and frenetic daily rhythms, together we will rediscover the magic of a unique place, which refers to a familiar but unknown time. Followed by a slow urban trek, where you can discover the traditions, customs and habits of Sardinia step by step, narrated through the contemporary language of its famous murals. A real open-air museum where you can admire works by local and international artists. There will be a regenerative stop in a famous pastry shop where you will be amazed by the flavors and aromas of authentic Sardinian sweets.

By sea

Boat trips

Explore the beauty of our seas by booking a boat trip.